Treatments are by appointment. Please call to set up your initial evaluation and treatment. Complementary initial consultations are available if you are unsure about acupuncture and how it can help your condition. House calls available. Insurance is accepted, depending on your coverage.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Applications


Acid Reflux Allergies Anxiety
Arthritis Asthma Auto Immune Disorders
Bell’s Palsy Childhood Illnesses Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain Constipation Depression
Diarrhea Digestive Disorders Eating Disorders
Fibromyalgia Frozen Shoulder Hypertension
IBS Impotence Infertility
Insomnia Menopause Menstrual Disorders
Migraine/Headache Morning Sickness Numbness
Peripheral Neuropathy PMS Sciatica
Seizures Sinusitis Skin Disorders
Smoking/Drug Addiction Sports/Auto Injuries Sprains
Stress Stroke Tennis Elbow
Trigeminal Neuralgia



Qi Harmony AcupunctureThe insertion of extremely fine filiform needles into specific points along pathways of energy called meridians. Although the patient may briefly feel the needle enter the skin, acupuncture is not painful. Disposable needles are used.



The burning of the mugwort leaf, an herb with very warming properties. This can greatly increase the movement of Qi and blood, alleviating pain and swelling, and can also strengthen the body.


The use of suction cups on specific areas of the body to increase circulation, reduce swelling and stop pain.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs used in Traditional Chinese MedicineChinese herbs are combined in specific amounts according to the individual diagnosis. Herbs can be taken in patent formulas as pills, in concentrated powder form, or as a tea which is made by boiling raw herbs in water.

Tui Na

Chinese medical massage which works on acupuncture points and meridians, according to the individual problem.